Writing Latex articles with Vim

Vim is a text editor, part of the standard suite on a UNIX system. This is a short post which is a store of some Vim keystrokes that I am progressively discovering, and which are worth sharing for anyone interested. The main point is that with Vim you learn a new method of moving around … Continue reading Writing Latex articles with Vim

Are our models too complex?

Gillian Tett is a well-respected writer for the Financial Times and frequently picks up the topic of complexity in financial markets. In a recent article (see here) she makes a case that the era of number crunching is over, and that the world of investments is back again firmly in the domain of human relationships … Continue reading Are our models too complex?

The efficient frontier for financial modelling

There is a trade off between the explanatory powers of a model and its complexity: the more a model explains, the more complex it will be. Would you disagree with that? Before you answer, let me make a claim: Mathematics is about revealing patterns that simplify. The mathematician's work is actually based on producing simplicity, … Continue reading The efficient frontier for financial modelling

Understanding the credit crisis

In an earlier post (see here) I put a link to an online book that explains all the main concepts of economics in terms of the classic 'Island Economy'. If you think about it in theoretical terms, this book is a 'proof' that the Island Economy is a sufficiently rich model into which many important … Continue reading Understanding the credit crisis

Economics book with cartoons, online for free!

I'm on a roll with Economics, getting through books and articles at a tremendous rate. But this one is a gem. Written by Irwin Schiff (read about him on Wikipedia do), it's available here¬†as a free-to-download pdf. His sons Peter & Andrew have published their own version of the story which reflects historical events more … Continue reading Economics book with cartoons, online for free!