What are LeanPosts?

The posts you read sometimes take me weeks to research and develop to the point of being finished.

That’s a problem — not the time it takes, but the fact that we all implicitly make an equality:

finished = “can be published now”.

All the posts are interesting long before they are finished.

A better way to decide whether something “can be published now” is to ask:

Has this post reached its minimal viable content?

If the answer to this is “yes”, then it’s time to post.

Once the MVC is reached and gets posted, we then enter into a collaboration between reader and writer to decide whether the post should be continued, or whether it is best to leave alone.

I use Polls to get your feedback and use them to decide where best to invest my limited writing time.


Lean is a keyword (and MVC too) that I first came across through the self-publishing website LeanPub.com.

The term LeanPosts is my invention: an extension of the lean concept to blogging.

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