Bond ladders

Never heard of bond ladders? Well neither had I until a few months back. I was running some tests on a sample bond portfolio and discovered a seeming paradox: A portfolio that is long bonds may actually benefit from a sell off! The explanation is that you benefit when you reinvest the coupons that your … Continue reading Bond ladders

Smile, it’s Volga!

Armed with the Hardy Decomposition for option prices, it now becomes much easier to understand why the smile exists. To be clear, options trader might use the smile to manage supply & demand, but here we discuss the mathematical basis for smile - which is important if you want to understand how to generate smile … Continue reading Smile, it’s Volga!

The current crisis in historical perspective

This short post is primarily to give links to three excellent articles on macro economics by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater. The first, a 'template for understanding' how economies work, is better than anything I have ever seen in introductory books on economics. The other two articles take a closer look at the dynamics of debt and … Continue reading The current crisis in historical perspective

Fixed-income investment strategies in the age of the New Normal

I came across an interesting presentation given by one of the senior members of PIMCO UK, a chap called Mike Amey. Click here to see it (a PDF). What I especially like about this presentation is that it covers a lot of the main topics that I hear investors discussing at the moment, ranging from … Continue reading Fixed-income investment strategies in the age of the New Normal