I mentioned in a previous post that I had come across Nathan Lewis’s archive of his articles in

Fascinating stuff, but with so much to read, you need a system of attack.

Mine is here below.

It’s a bit rough, lacks a unifying form, but I think it is worth getting out there already.

I’ll update and shape as I make progress myself.

Short notes on NWE archive articles with links

Does a current account deficit matter? No. Here

What is a financial system, here. Nice comments on what banks do. Could be the basis for good analysis

Previous post on that theme here.

Debt-equity swap here. Up-to-date version here (shows balance sheet of Citi).

Example with BNPP here.

Gold-linked currencies promoted international flows of money. Here.

Gold standard vs easy money here.

How to cure dbt problem with low taxes and stable money, here.

What is a gold standard, here.

Nice comment on the origins of floating rates here.

How Germany returned to gold, here.

What is stable money? Here.

This post here in the same series shows how well correlated gold and commodity prices have been on the whole.

Here is the opener in that series. It is, in fact, the best place to start.

A nice analogy towards the end of this article on the importance of value — maintaining a steady speed in a car may require quite variable amounts of petrol into the engine (uphill, downhill, etc.). But the only test is whether the speed has been steady.

The future is here already. Have a look at Hong Kong and Singapore apparently: here.

Calculating the value of a house using just some simple ‘rates’ mathematics, here.

A rather more personal-sounding article on the crisis in capitalism here. Is it just a rant, or is there some sense in there? I say there’s some sense, but you kind-of first need to get onto Lewis’s wavelength…

How the FED works, here. The FED controls the amount of base money in circulation. It’s nice to have Lewis take us through the FED’s accounts.


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