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Bonham’s sells my Artwork

March 27, 2012

Some of my artwork sold at Bonham’s. Have a look (click here).

While I was at art college I spent some time working with Yorkshire-based landscape artist David Blackburn, and left my few drawings with him as part of his collection.

He has sold off the lot. There were some lovely drawings and paintings there. I remember seeing this one by Josef Herman (click here) in David’s studio, it was very impressive. Herman has quite a few pieces at the Tate (click here to see some).

Good luck to David in whatever he is busying himself with now!

*BTW they got my date of birth wrong by 20 years…

Experimentation in Art & non-deterministic grammars

December 31, 2011

One of my favourite abstract painters is Richard Diebenkorn. Click here to see an Art Blog which has a post on his most famous Ocean Park Series. Click here for a link to a blog showing one of the Dibenkorn’s canvases in an NY apartment.

In these sorts of works it is fascinating how you can see a process of experimentation that resulted in the final canvas — tones of colour are covering earlier lines and colours, and the development of the composition is clearly shown as part of its completeness. The brushstrokes and decisions made by the artist are intuitive, and the artist works hard to push paint around until a pleasing result is achieved.

Here comes the maths.