Well-written articles & blogs about investing

I’ll use this post to list my favourite online reads, updating whenever I come across something new.

Suggested reading

  • James Montier at GMO. A recent article uses the concept of mean-reversion together with the profit equation to explain why equity markets might not have such a stellar performance over the next 5-7 years. Click here to go to a page that has a few of Mr Montier’s articles.
  • Click here to read a lovely blog post which discusses¬† Apple, and the way it is dominating the universe of technology companies (and how it is causing problems for index-following funds).
  • FTAlphaville requires a subscription, but comes pretty-much free if you subscribe to the FT paper version. They are always discussing real topics that really make a difference in the markets. Lots of good stuff, and lots of links to other good stuff.
  • John Mauldin will send you regular email commentary if you sign up for it (it’s free). Good writing on all the current topics.
  • Rick Bookstaber writes some thoughtful articles on topics including risk management. That (& derivatives trading) was his area before he moved into his current advisory role in the US government.
  • Scott Sumner writes about monetary issues, here.
  • John P Hussman has got a lot of interesting articles at his fund’s homepage, here. I especially liked this one here on liquidity preferences.

If there are interesting online commentaries that you like, let me know by posting me a comment.


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