Book recommendations

Want to know what I like reading?

Here is a list of some recent favourites.

I’ll keep updating as new reads come along.


Want to feel inspired to be creative? These two books are for you.


The mathematics book that all mathematics books should look like.


Learn mathematics through its history. Highly recommended by Tristan Needham too.


Ever hear about multi agent models? Here’s a book which discusses the distribution of wealth in terms of rule-based models like John Conway’s Game of Life.


A book on financial mathematics that doesn’t just tell you the same old ‘arbitrage-free’ story. Oh, and note the bit where they prove that Black-Scholes perfect hedging is just a lucky coincidence.


That said, one of the ‘arbitrage free’ books which I did enjoy is:


Beautiful writing from Peter Carey.


Perhaps my all-time favourite piece of fiction.


John Bowlby was one of the pioneers of child attachment theory. Here is a great quote:

All of us, from the cradle to the grave, are happiest when life is organized as a series of excursions, long or short, from the secure base provided by our attachment figure(s).


Poker is a fascinating game, and Hansen’s book is a talk-through of a real tournament. A great way to show how the theory is played out in practice.


Although I do not agree with the political implications that Peter Schiff  is effectively claiming as true, I do nonetheless think this is an excellent book for anyone wanting to know more about how the economy works.


Want to see some funky mathematics? New techniques for multiplication, division, etc which will blow your mind!


This next book appeals to my reductionist preferences: the best way to deal with most higher-level problems is to invest some energy in understanding the lower-level mechanics.


One of the clearest writers on poker theory.


It’s refreshing to see the same subject from two different angles.


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