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December 29, 2011

There are so so many books on finance and financial mathematics, but not one that gives you a real sense of the terminology, techniques and general knowledge you will need to learn to become successful in fixed-income financial mathematics and trading.

This blog aims to cover topics of direct interest and directly applicable to anyone working on or alongside a fixed-income trading floor.

And for the generally inquisitive mind there are also scatterings from other topics of interest like mathematics, probability theory, computing, languages, economics, education, art & design.

As a starting suggestion, have a look at:

How to calculate option prices in your head

How to understand fixed-income trader jargon

A fast-moving introduction to probability theory

Everything you need to know about swap spreads

A non-technical description of the risk-neutral measure

Ito product and quotient rules in trader speak

Why does the yield curve slope upwards?

Intuition for the forward-FX equation

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